Dr. John MacDonald – Director
[email protected]

John holds an MLitt in European Politics from the University of Dundee and a PhD from the same institution.  He has lectured extensively in Scotland, the United States and in Switzerland, principally in the fields of transatlantic security, the politics of war and military intervention, and American politics.  He is currently an Associate Lecturer at the University of Glasgow where he lectures on American politics.

Beyond the academy, John has worked as a security policy consultant and he has written for the NATO Review.  He commentates regularly in the national media – on radio, television and in the newspapers – on issues relating to security and democracy.  He has accepted invitations from an array of organisations to speak on these issues.

John is currently engaged in a variety of collaborative projects which centre broadly around UK security and defence.  He is working with the Constitutional Commission in its mission to draw up a model constitution for Scotland.  In this project, John has been examining how a written constitution might define and restrain Scotland’s military posture, with a particular focus upon Scotland’s nuclear status and its conventional military activism.

John is also working on a series of projects examining the implications of Scotland’s current constitutional journey with a particular focus on Scottish security and defence, and the future of the UK nuclear deterrent.