In September 2014, the people of Scotland will be asked to vote on whether Scotland should be an independent nation state.  If the majority of voters respond ‘Yes’ to this question, Scotland will quickly need to meet the challenge which is a fundamental concern of all independent states: protecting and securing its sovereignty and national interests.

The current Scottish Government has declared its intention to meet this challenge. It maintains that an independent Scotland will be a militarily capable state, one which is provisioned not only to protect its national interests but also to engage with a wider range of transnational security agendas, including those befitting a member of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

The remit of this report is to consider the Scottish Government’s aspirations and to paint an informed picture of how they might best be met.  By way of meeting this challenge, this report dedicates itself to two key tasks:  it seeks firstly to paint a picture of what the security priorities should be for the government of a newly independent Scotland; it then seeks to illustrate what a Scottish Defence Force (SDF) should look like in order to meet those priorities.   Read the full report below.